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Our Belief

We believe in providing authentic Indian food and to bring a little spice into your life. We are passionate about food and we have individually pioneered some of the signature dishes on our Menu such as the “CHICKEN TIKKA” or the “FISH CURRY”. Our knack for understanding the true elements behind the vast selection of Indian spices has led to the success of Spice Room. By being able to blend the perfect mix of ingredients and spices, Spice Room is able to create aromatic curries which tantalizes the tongue. No MSG is used in our cooking.

Our Style Of Cooking

All of our dishes are 100% home style cooking. We believe that the creation of the finest meals begins with the selection of the best ingredients, so our Chefs take care to acquire daily the best produce available locally and the finest spices from around the world. We offer vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options. Most of the dishes can be altered to the spice level of your choice.

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Spice Room
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Our Team

Our People are Our Strength

Our Founding Members

Ashok Raj Joshi



Ashok Raj grew up with the flavors of the indian cuisine and got his first introduction to the cuisine in his parents’ kitchen. With these home-cooked dishes and the education he received while working with top chefs of indian food, he developed the culinary menu that you can order from today. We welcome you all to our humble restaurant home.
Prakash Pokhrel



Prakash was raised in Nepal, where he grew up amidst a succession of large family feasts, seasonal produce fresh from the fields of Chitwan, Nepal, and, of course, his grandmother’s cooking. In fact, it was at his grandmother’s side that Prakash began his lifelong apprenticeship to learn the intricacies of Nepali and Indian cuisine—and the true depth of the experience of food in daily life. Come and enjoy with us!
Raj Kumar


Happiness Maker

Our part of the family tradition that we carry on is our hospitality. We want you to feel welcome from the moment you enter our restaurant until you leave. You are our guest, and we strive to make your experience ideal. Come see us.
Kal Pant



Kal Pant came from different career path who found a new found love for indian food. Friendly and passionate about food and hospitality he has a passion for the fresh, authentic dishes served in his restaurant in a hospitable environment. He hopes that shines through every time you visit us for a meal.
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