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Indian Food

Indian food is not a spice monolith

Indian Food

Indian food is not a spice monolith. They say the food in India changes every 10 miles you travel, yet generalizations about the cuisine still prevail in the U.S. From tumeric and red chiles to mustard seeds and bay leaves, India’s spices weave the cuisine’s tapestry of flavors. India is more of a continent than a country, with myriad religions, languages and landscapes. India has close to 30 states, each with its own distinct ingredients and flavors.Let’s talk about spice, the belief that Indian food is and has always been laden with spices is a common misconception. Red chiles were only introduced to India by the Portuguese 450 years ago.Indian food is spicy, but not spicy as that word is widely understood. Spices are in fact not hot, it’s the chile that imparts heat, but that can be adjusted without altering the essence of Indian dishes. Let’s enjoy food now!